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Bible, Bed & Breakfast

For many years, Sharon House offered a program called “Rest & Study,” under which those who wished a period of quiet spiritual refreshment, and had no need of nursing care, could stay in a wing of the facility with three meals a day provided.

When Sharon House ceased operating on a fully-staffed basis, “Rest & Study” stays were no longer feasible. However, due to continuing interest from the field in spiritual renewal stays, a modified program has been introduced which we call “Bible, Bed & Breakfast.”

This program offers an opportunity for Sharon House members to study Christian Science in a quiet, spiritual atmosphere for two days (three by special request). This program is offered in the Sharon House facility at 24 Montgomery Road in the west end of Toronto, within walking distance of the Royal York subway station.


At present, this program is available only to Sharon House members. The applicant will have to attest when he registers that he has no need for nursing care and is fully self-sufficient. There will be no nursing care available to BB&B guests.

An applicant must be willing to be alone in the facility. We will accept a BB&B booking only if we expect that the lower level suite at the Sharon House facility will be occupied by the Sharon House host, but this is not guaranteed.

There may be nursing patients at the facility and/or other BB&B guests.


Application for a stay as a BB&B guest should be made through the Sharon House office.Our charge is $95.00 per night. A couple can register for an additional $20.00 per night if occupying only one room or for an additional $95.00 if occupying separate rooms.

We prefer that you give us a credit card number which will be billed at the end of your stay.Alternatively, we will accept a cheque for the full amount left on the office desk at your departure.

An application form can be printed off here.


A BB&B guest will be met at the facility by a Sharon House host. The host will ask that the guest sign a registration form and will provide a key to the front door, a key to the guest room and a WiFi access code if desired.

The greeter will provide a tour of the facility and simple instructions on the use of the facilities,safety issues and emergency call numbers.

At the end of the stay, the guest leaves both keys and payment (if paying by cheque) on the office desk and exits by the back door which will lock upon exit.


The ingredients for a continental breakfast for each morning of a guest stay will be available.

A small refrigerator is available for guests’ use. The guest may bring his own food and use the microwave facilities for preparation. The guest is expected to wash any dishes used.

A list of local restaurants within easy walking distance is available. With prior arrangement,Sharon House can have specific meals delivered by a local caterer at the guest’s expense.

Guests have full use of the library, which contains a complete set of bound volumes of Christian Science periodicals. There is one computer available in the library, or a guest may use his own laptop. WiFi is available at no additional charge. The common room has a television and small stereo player.


Nursing needs take precedence to BB&B at Sharon House. We reserve the right to cancel a BB&B stay even at the last minute in the unlikely event that there is a nursing need which conflicts with having a BB&B guest at the facility.

And Sharon shall be a fold of flocks.