Sharon House Cristian Science Nursing Services Grounds at Sharon House

Sharon House Mission Statement


To support Christian Science nursing and its availability to those relying on Christian Science for healing


To show the practicality and power of God's love


To act for the good of our field, the Christian Science movement and all mankind

Desired Outcomes

That those in our field who need and want Christian Science nursing care receive it That those in our field who wish to undertake the ministry of Christian Science nursing be enabled That the highest possible standards of nursing care be maintained That the ministry of Christian Science nursing be understood, respected, and accommodated


To collect, manage and distribute funds in support of Christian Science nursing
To co-ordinate care resources and activities
To employ individuals as necessary to undertake and support nursing activity
To provide facilities and/or aid in accessing them
To provide information on Christian Science nursing and other appropriate resources
To provide or facilitate instruction in Christian Science nursing


To rely on prayer to solve individual and collective problems
To operate in accord with the teaching of Christian Science and relevant legislation
To respect and promote the dignity and rights of patient, family and nurse
To maintain a supportive and progressive work environment
To contribute to the professional development of the Christian Science nurse
To promote Christian love and mutual aid among all engaged in the practice of Christian Science healing and nursing

And Sharon shall be a fold of flocks.