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Home nursing care

In many cases the Christly touch of comfort’s art– found in Christian Science nursing care– can be delivered in your home. After assessing the type and extent of care needed, the Christian Science nurse will arrange with you times and frequency of visits. Services, consistent with the practice of Christian Science, will be established at the outset. Fees will be discussed and information about benevolent financial help provided.

Where round- the- clock, in-home care is required, the Christian Science nurse will call upon fellow nurses or others with requisite skills to provide a team.

The Christian Science nurse can be an advocate for your reliance on Christian Science for practical and reliable care. They are prepared to discuss with your family the care they provide, and show family members ways they can help. Christian Science nurses are also knowledgeable about available community resources.

For information on what is and isn’t included in the range of services a Christian Science nurse provides, see the section on “Scope of services” at this link.

For information about financial assistance click here.

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