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Facility nursing care

At times, being cared for in your home is not ideal. In such cases, the Christian Science nurse will determine if you can be nursed more helpfully at Sharon House. This Christian Science nursing facility is a gracious, home-like setting with the benefits of accessible facilities, professional nursing equipment, and a well-stocked library for Christian Science study.

To be nursed at Sharon House, your needs must be assessed by a Christian Science nurse who advertises in the Christian Science Journal. This Christian Science nurse will then contact Sharon House to make arrangements to rent a room for you. A team of nurses and assistants will be assembled for round-the-clock presence. They will provide meals and do laundry, in addition to nursing you, during your stay.

24 hour Christian Science nursing at the facility costs about $350 per day. Financial concerns should not prevent you from relying on Christian Science in overcoming health challenges. Benevolence is available from various sources and may be applied for to assist with expenses for Christian Science nursing and practitioner fees.

For further information on available financial assistance click here.

For information on what is and isn’t included in the range of services a Christian Science nurse provides, see the section on “Scope of services” at this link.

And Sharon shall be a fold of flocks.