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Christian Science Nursing Care

What is Christian Science nursing?

Most students of Christian Science choose to rely solely on prayer for healing, an approach they have found effective in their lives. But if healing is not achieved quickly, there may be need for practical care beyond what the individual alone, or their family, can provide. A Christian Science nurse is a Christian Scientist who shares their patient’s approach in relying fully on God for healing. They have no training in medical treatment or medical theory, but have professional experience and training to meet a wide range of practical nursing needs – from reading or assistance with meals, to bandaging or full bed care.

For a fuller description of the role and functions of the Christian Science nurse, click here.

To find immediate Christian Science nursing care in Toronto and region

  • call the 24/7 Christian Science nursing line 416-237-1276 (416-237-1CSN)
  • consult the Christian Science nurses’ directory here
  • look in the print version of Christian Science Journal

The Christian Science nurse will assess your situation. Depending on circumstances, either care at home or a stay at Sharon House may be appropriate and might be arranged.

For more information please call our 24/7 line 416-237-1276 The nurse be happy to answer any questions.

What is the cost of Christian Science nursing?

Christian Science nurses each have an independent practice and charge between $25 and $40/hour, depending on the need– with reduced rates for 24 hour care. If care needs are extensive and a client can’t easily afford their invoice, benevolence is available. Click here for more details.

Note: Christian Science nursing is a profession recognized under the Ontario Nursing Act, 1991 Search at this link for the term “Christian Science nurse.”

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