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Words of appreciation

Planned giving

As a charitable activity, Sharon House relies on gifts from individuals, Christian Science churches and students’ associations for a large portion of its operating budget. In addition to this regular giving, many individuals also choose to benefit Sharon House, and the field it serves, by making bequests.

Through your Will you can provide long term support for Christian Science nursing through Sharon House. Your gift will also encourage others to lend their support. As Sharon House is a Canadian registered charity, your gift can reduce the taxes paid by your estate.

You can make your gift to the Endowment Fund or to the General Fund, or leave your gift undesignated. Money in the General Fund can be used for current operational expenses or, at the discretion of the executive board, moved to the Endowment Fund. The Sharon House board is restricted to using only the income from the Endowment Fund for operational expenses.

You should consult your financial and legal advisors as you decide the amount and terms of your gift. You should also consider telling your other beneficiaries of your decision.

Christian Scientists and the nurses who serve them will be very grateful for your generosity.

And Sharon shall be a fold of flocks.